Friday, April 26, 2013

Neighbour takes advantage of Chithra on a rainy day Masala Story

I am a 34 years old housewife and have been married for the last 10 years, mother of a 9 year old. My husband has been deputed for 2 years to the UAE and has another year and half to pass before he could return. It was a tough decision but has to be done for his career. I am still trying to adjust to the life without him. I am not at all bad looking for a woman of 30 plus. I have a shapely contour measuring 36C 30 37 and an attractive face, enough to secure a plenty of lusty looks for the opposite sex and somewhat envious stares from the same sex. 

Few months back, a young couple moved to our housing complex. They seemed to be quite friendly and they instantly clicked with my son. The husband and wife both liked his witty childish talks and gladly entertained him during the weekends. Both of them were working, but the husband seems to be working on shifts as I could see him around at home mostly during the afternoons. My son, too fond him, would run to his apartment happily shouting ‘Ravi uncle’ to play with him. I would have to go ring their house to fetch my son Dinesh back. Inevitably, I would end up having a small talk with Ravi and return home with Dinesh.

Ravi seemed to be very smart and intelligent and unlike many other men that I have seen by far, he seemed to have no trouble holding a conversation looking at my face. If my pallu drifts a bit, he still would not let his eyes wander over my fair skin, making me think, ‘what a gentleman he is’. When I visit them during the weekend, it’s a totally different thing. His wife kala would be around too and Ravi would use every available opportunity to touch her squeeze her hips or tickle her or pinch her butts totally ignoring my presence. I usually give them the levy, as they were obviously newly married and have their whole sex life ahead of them unlike me. Kala is very attractive too and slim and fit. She should be 34C 28 32 with a long hair. ‘Eeei.. don’t… stop… don’t ..take your finger off…. You dirty fellow’ This is one of the ones that I recently heard when I entered their place late evening, last Sunday to pick up Dinesh. I couldn’t help but notice, Ravi’s powerful left hand was around kala’s hips lowering her saree waistline while his right hand was busy mauling her abdomen region after it had pushed her pallu completely aside. 

Kala’s navel was in display in complete glory of the tube light in the hall. She has got a deep navel despite her petite body, almost as deep as mine. I lost my composure a bit, watching these two indulge. They didn’t seem to notice my arrival as Ravi was intently sticking his finger in her navel and poking her making her squeal in delight more. To me it sounded like, though she was begging him to stop, she was actually begging him to feel her up more. What I didn’t notice was the pair of eyes from Ravi, not only concentrated on lusting over his wife’s shapely pair of boobs, but also discretely taking note of my presence and my reaction his fondling. Ravi was thinking to himself, ‘so far so good as he saw me look at them longingly’. I sighed when I noticed how his hands were playing on her tender body making her jerk and squeal, blissfully unaware of my presence. Despite her protests, he pushed her pallu more and started creeping up to one of her blouse arrested perky breasts. ‘Wait till you watch this bitch. This should wrap you up for good and give your husband a run for you.’ he thought as he palmed her right breast making her (and me) gasp. He wasted no time and started squeezing her breast, while his left hand which was pushing the saree of her waist line down, crept up and started circling her navel and busied itself pinching her hips and poking and circling her navel and doing all sorts of things, while I watched the whole thing with my eyes fixed on kala moving from her thoroughly squeezed tits to properly fingered navel to her face that portrayed the intense pleasure the she has been experiencing with crystalline clarity. I totally missed the smug reaction from Ravi as he was discreetly watching my virtual participation in their acts of pleasure. Just then, (thankfully) Dinesh rushed from the other room shouting at me. 

Upon hearing Dinesh, Kala froze for a moment and looked at me horrified. She blushed and freed herself quickly from Ravi and ran into kitchen holding her pallu while ravi grinned at me sheepishly and stood in front of me in lungi, sporting a massive erection from which I had a really tough time tearing my eyes off giving more than sufficient indications to Ravi that I was impressed with what I saw, though I didn’t intend to. I rushed home with Dinesh, making a mental note of not let him Ravi’s place. 

Later during the week, Kala came to my place with some excuse and while we were talking, she apologised for what happened on Sunday and promised that she would be more careful. Even as she mentioned, she blushed in shame and I smiled at her and patted her shoulder over her nightie. It was late evening, and almost time for bed, but as I patted, I noticed the absence of any material inside and the fact that kala, wasn’t wearing a bra, made me think all the wild things. I was smiling and nodding at her but I was thinking about all the naughty things Ravi’s hands would perform on her naked tits under her nightie. Would he simply raise her nightie all the way up and start licking one of her just-the-right sized boobs? Would he start licking her must-be large nipple even while her nightie was still on her body, in the process of coming out though her raised hands, covering her face completely, yet baring her boobs? I was lost in these thoughts, while kala was explaining about something that happened at her work place that day. My hand was still resting on her shoulder. When she was done, I asked her naughtily, ‘ looks like some one wants to feel a bit more free these days’ and laughed at her. She tried to wiggle out of it by shrugging her shoulder ‘what do you mean?’ she asked me questioningly, though she fully well knew what I meant. I lowered my hands from her shoulders and before she realised quickly cupped her breasts over the thin material of her nightie giving it a squeeze just at her nipples. She squealed loudly and jumped away from me while I laughed loudly. Next instance she shrieked a ‘cheeeee…’ and laughed with me and almost whispered to me. ‘ He likes it this way, of late, he wants me to be free.’ she said amidst her giggles. 

What we both failed to notice was that Ravi was watching all this from his apartment study room window as it has a clear view of our well-lit hall. He was standing there with lights turned off. Neither of us noticed him watching us, licking his lip while I fondled kala’s bra-less tits. Standing behind the dark window, stroking his partly swollen meaty tool, Ravi was thinking to himself looking at my 36C tits, ‘Wish I could squeeze those melons. I will somehow make you shed your clothes in front of me and shall milk those incredible tits chithra’. He sighed in darkness and looked at me resolutely, stripping my saree off my body with his eyes as kala brushed my hands off her and tickled my fleshy hip to get even with me. I totally didn’t expect it and jerked instantly, somewhat off balance, while her fingers were still poking my hip, tickling me making me jump while she grinned wickedly, her eyes glistening with mischief. Ravi was thoroughly enjoying this, and he caught the first view of my deep navel, since my pallu was completely off position and kala’s hands did an expert job of lowering my waistline while tickling me. I tried to stop her by holding her hands with mine but it was too late as she fingered my deep navel still giggling at me. I looked stunned and gasped as her finger entered my navel deeper. I looked right into her eyes and gasped while Kala was still giggling at me viciously. ‘Do you like it?’ and she giggled more and continued to draw circles around my navel. Coming close to me she whispered. ‘ This is what Ravi did to me last Sunday. Does it feel good?’ While Ravi watched us stroking his now fully erect tool furiously, I didn’t stop kala, as she fingered my navel for a few more seconds while she cooed into my ears. ‘Ravi likes to do this to me a lot and I am quite sensitive here. Your navel is deeper and you seemed to be lot more sensitive than me.’ I nodded absently, as I could already feel the wetness in between my thighs. Not realising the mounting climax at the neighbouring window, I finally managed to brush kala’s hands off me and secured my saree and adjusted the pallu, much to Ravi’s disappointment. Kala was still giggling and said ‘tit for tat’ chithra as I looked at her with a blushed face and managed to smile at her. She said jokingly, ‘don’t ever show your navel to Ravi.’ and laughed. I laughed with her, but wondered what on earth would happen when I did show. Across the road, Ravi was planning desperately to do something to see my assets close-up. Soon, kala said good night and left, but my fingers were still cherishing the feel of the nakedness of her soft breasts while I could still feel her fingers playing at my navel. 

I could sort of understand what kind of a treat Ravi was getting everyday. My own breasts were aching to be squeezed by some one. (Preferably Ravi?) I instantly dismissed that thought and felt shameful for even thinking that way while I am married to a wonderful guy. I can’t wait for my husband Hari to return. As I lay in bed that night I felt my fingers squeeze and pinch my nipples hard over the blouse. I hurriedly unhooked my blouse and scooped up the bra cups and pinched my erect light brown nipples and squeezed and cupped my melons together. While I moaned louder, I imagined my deep navel, the most sensitive place in my body, being licked and fingered by Ravi (and not Hari or Kala) and the scene from last Sunday played inside my head over and over again. I clutched my thighs together tightly and tweaked my nipples hard and moaned loudly. In a few moments I reached a long and very intense climax after which I lay there totally exhausted, looking at the corner of the ceiling, thinking of Ravi, about how he lusts for his wife and so not notice other women. I was totally unaware of his intentions and the trap he is laying for me, by then. His plan seems to be working fine as I had already started thinking about him.

While across the road, at their bed, kala was innocently uttering her little episode and how she successfully got even with me, with a childish glee to Ravi. As if his voyeuristic pleasures were not sufficient, hearing it all over from his wife was turning him on doubly. He heard her say, ‘perhaps chithra has a weak point. She is extremely sensitive around there. All I did was just touch her there and she froze.’ Kala giggled and Ravi joined her. He kissed her all over for innocently providing this piece of information. He then disrobed her and made love with her with such vigour as if it was their first night. Kala enjoyed their session so thoroughly that she didn’t even have time to suspect anything new or different with Ravi.

Next few days went by without any incidents. Only change was that I had resorted to self-pleasure on a regular basis now. Ravi has been the impeccable gentleman that he always was. Chatting with me in a friendly way. He started visiting my place regularly in the evenings as Dinesh was insisting him to help with his homework. I was gradually beginning to feel at ease with his presence and started getting close to him. During every visit, after Dinesh has completed his homework and has gone to play outside, he would make it a point to sit in the sofa and have a chat with me for a few minutes. He had asked about my husband and his job nature etc. When he asked me if I am missing him already, I didn’t get the implied meaning right away and I nodded a yes. He gave a meaningful smile and uttered some words of consolation. 
He thought, ‘ It’s time that I systematically reduce you down to nothing and enjoy your voluptuous body’ and smiled. ‘Don’t worry; I shall see to it that you are occupied and keep yourself busy Chithra. I’ll be back’. He stood up and went to his house, came back with a book a few minutes later while I was wondering if that was the first time he called me by name and decided to ignore it as it sounded nice. He gave me a book that looked very old. ‘This is first of 12 books series called Masters of Rome, describing the lives lead by Caesars in Rome. Its actually quite a rare collection, but I got the impression from our conversations before, that an attractive, yet intelligent woman like you will definitely appreciate this kind of a thing. So, feel free to give it a try.’ I smiled as I collected the book from him. It was nice to hear words of flattery coming out of Ravi especially. Thanks Ravi. He waved and returned home as I sat back in the couch and leisurely opened the book. A piece of paper, which looked like a bookmark, fell out of the book. I bent down and picked it up to find that it contained a small note which read simply ‘you look best in that black transparent saree, and shed your bra off if you are comfortable. Its too tight ’ 

Confused, I was looking at the neatly written note, in small characters. There were no indications whatsoever, that the note was intended for me. Neither is it true that Ravi has written that. One way to find out is to ask him directly, but I immediately rejected the idea as the content made me blush. I read the note again, this time positively thrilled a bit. I decided to find out for sure if the note was intended to me. I started reading the book that day, and as he had promised it, was a very interesting read. The next morning, despite my best efforts to disregard the note, I ended up getting dressed in black saree and matching blouse and to my own surprise, found that I decided to give freedom to the brassiere. Clad in just the black blouse, I was feeling very comfortable, without getting that familiar feeling of my assets being ‘arrested’ all the time. I was slightly taken aback by my own boldness. I continued to read his book and found that it was afternoon already and heard the knock on the door. 

I hurriedly dropped the book, ran to the bedroom, stood in front of the mirror and dropped my pallu. I could see that the blouse was fairly transparent and with a little bit of effort any one can make out the shape of my nipples encased inside the soft material of the blouse. With the pallu off its place, the blouse did a fine job of exposing most of my breasts. I sighed and put back the pallu in place (and yet I could make out the outlines of my nipples over the saree, as the combination of cool air and my fingers to adjust the blouse hardened them.) I shrugged and walked to the door, as I heard the knock once again. (It’s too late now). I opened the door and Ravi was standing as I expected. For an instance, just for an instance, his eyes widened as he saw me in the black saree. That’s it. He didn’t say anything about it as he stepped in, nor did he make an effort to see my now-obviously sticking out nipples over my saree. 

He went and sat on the couch and asked me if I read the book and how I found it so far. Slightly confused by his approach, I sat on the opposite couch. I was quite conscious that he may be looking at my blouse and was constantly adjusting my pallu as he spoke to me and heard my views on the books, but he was simply looking at my face and listening with complete concentration. After about half an hour he stood up to leave and I was not sure whether I was relieved or disappointed. When he was at the door he casually mentioned with a smile ‘this saree really suits your fair complexion chithra. Hope you don’t mind my compliments.’ I quickly blushed and adjusted the pallu once again as his eyes grazed my blouse for the fist time while I watched him. He said evenly with the smile still sticking on his face, ‘and nice matching blouse too.’ I simply nodded, still in daze while he turned and walked away.
‘I have you in control now. I can have you and at the same time, not put my marriage at risk.’, thought Ravi as he slowly walked home. He was thinking about kala’s added interest towards Chithra recently and both of them not seeming to pass any opportunity to touch or play with one another. His brain was calculating the wilder possibilities as he entered his house smiling to himself, absently stroking his semi erect cock, over his lungi. 

At the same time, I was watching Ravi walk away to his house, my eyes automatically went to his hips and I caught a glimpse of his hand stroking his tool unmistakably before he disappeared inside his house. I was stunned by what I saw. ‘What should he have been thinking when he did that?’ I was thinking to myself and shyly looked at my heaving bra-free breasts and squeezed them both gently and sighed, staring blankly at the locked door opposite to me. Recovering back, I Shut the door, rushed into the bathroom and peeled off my clothes in a hurry and got under the shower butt naked within seconds, letting a splash of cold water run all over me to calm myself down a bit, as my whole body was aching for a man’s touch. 

When I regained composure after a several seconds, I turned over and shocked to see that the bathroom window had been almost fully open. The window is usually shut, but I had opened it in the morning after I had cleaned the bathroom. When I rushed in, in my hurry I didn’t notice it as I ran straight to the shower. I had been showering, exposing my bare back and butt for a good measure of time for any one to see! I quickly grabbed the towel and wrapped myself with it and slowly walked towards the window to peer out. What I saw, made my heart skip several beats as Ravi was waving at me from his drawing room window, which sort of faces our en-suite bathroom and bedroom windows. Though I wasn’t sure what he had seen and how much of me he would have seen, the naughty smile on his face said it all. His eyes roamed over and dropped below on the deep cleavage of my fair breast as I stood in front of the open carelessly and hurriedly wrapped towel. Too stunned to do anything, only after a several seconds did I realise from the direction of his eyes that he is ogling at my cleavage. I lifted my hands in a hurry to close the window and at that precise moment, the damn towel loosened and slipped off a few inches revealing more of my globes, for a few milliseconds before I secured the towel with my other hand, cursing myself and shut the window finally. Securing the towel, I stared at the now closed window eaten by shame alive, biting my lips. I smiled to myself slightly at the thought of the treat that I might have given Ravi a few minutes back and humming a song I left the bathroom to get dressed.

The next 2 days passed by with Ravi occupying my mind most of the time, but I didn’t get to see him much at all, during the day. He must have been working night shifts. I was feeling too shy to visit Ravi’s place myself. On the 3rd day morning, Kala knocked the door while I was preparing Dinesh for his school. I opened the door, still in my nightie, and kala told me that Ravi’s been suffering from a bad migraine headache. Kala was asking if it would be possible for me to take care of Ravi for the day as she couldn’t take the day off today due to some important work pending at her office. I instantly agreed. ‘Don’t worry Kala. I will take care of him.’ She smiled at me and I gave her a quick hug and a pat on her back. She patted me in return with a smile. Was it just I, or did her fingers slide along my panty less butt crevice over my nightie before she removed her hands off me? I am pretty sure, I saw a naughty flicker in her eyes, before I could react she placed the whole of her palm over my cheeks and started massaging me as I shrieked and pushed her back as her fingers were starting to dig deeper in my crevice. 

She giggled and quickly recalled the conversation she was having with Ravi a few days back. Little did I know that her caressing was a direct effect of the Ravi’s suggestion to her to get rid her panties too, just like me (!) while she was at home in the evenings. Kala defined him saying how he knew about it and he said that he could make out from my curves. Still giggling, ‘Sorry Chithra, I had the doubt myself, but since Ravi mentioned it, I wanted to find out… but now it’s crystal clear.’ She continued to giggle happily as I was thoroughly embarrassed. I was waiting for her to leave, but she still stood facing me. Feeling a bit sheepish I brought my back and blurting a stupid smile I quickly pulled the nightie material that was riding way up my butt crevice because of kala’s handy work. She noticed this and guffawed loudly and came closer to me and gave me another affectionate hug and pecked my cheek and whispered amidst giggles, ‘sorry chithra.’ and left the house leaving me. 

I stood there watching the empty space for a while after she left before Dinesh broke the monotony as he came out from his room with his bag ,ready. I rushed into my room to get dressed up properly, changed quickly into my saree and took Dinesh to the school, all the while the thoughts of Kala’s actions lingering my mind. While I was returning home, I was wondering to myself, I did like being touched and handled by another woman, especially kala. Does she like my touches too? Would she? All these thoughts were still in my head as I got back home. I suddenly remembered that Ravi is unwell and hurried to his place. He was in bed and offered a smile and eyed me from top to bottom as I approached him. I instantly remembered the show I’d put for him, a couple of days back and a new rush of shame filled in me. ‘Thank you for coming Chithra’ he said. Its ok I said and placed my arms on his shoulder and made him lay down again as he tried to get up. As I did so, he received a generous view of my boobs and my midriff area and he was smiling dreamily. I was wearing the saree low hip as I wore it in real hurry this morning and didn’t even bother getting dressed up properly. I guess he must have seen my navel in close proximity for the first time as I could see his eyes widen a bit as he let himself lowered, all the while staring at the gap in my pallu. I was quite aware of his glances and I unhurriedly adjusted the pallu back not too keen on my modesty at this level, especially after the bathroom episode a couple of days back and Ravi’s seemingly infinite wisdom regarding my underwear habits! 

I smiled at him and asked, ‘How are you feeling Ravi?’ Little did I know that he had faked the headache in order to send kala to fetch me. He said, ‘ a lot better than last night Chithra, I had a fever, together with till last night, but feeling better this morning, that’s why I sent kala to work too’. I smiled reassuringly and muttered ‘You will be normal soon.’ I let him stare at my curvy hip as I stood by his head and leaned forward to place my palm on his forehead to see if he runs a temperature still. He was now openly staring at my navel, as I leaned closer to him. ‘Despite my protest kala asked you to look after me’ he said in a soft tone. ‘She came back here to tell me that you agreed to help me out today. I said ‘oh! It’s all right, it’s nothing’ suddenly recalled what else happened when kala visited me this morning and was desperately hoping that she might not have mentioned it to Ravi yet, but he said coolly, ‘oh she also told me something more about you before she left.’ (He looked at me with a ‘Got you babe’ look!) I looked at him with a shocked expression. I felt like a 3rd grade student caught red handed (or panty less rather) by her teacher while she was on to something, as I stood in front of him squirming uneasily, my cheeks now turning crimson red. He laughed, ‘but I don’t believe all of what she said’. 

I whispered, ‘what do you mean?’, ‘oh she said a lot of things about you, for instance’, and he paused a bit and eyed me, as I was standing pretty close to him, with my midriff somewhat carelessly exposed. From his position of lying down on the bed, he deftly pulled my pallu aside more, exposing my navel completely and within a split second inserted his index finger completely inside. 

All I did was… a gasp. Too shocked and unable to react in any other way I just stood there gasping as his other fingers crowded and circled the region around my navel his index finder was forming wonderful concentric circles as she gently poked it in and out too. ‘ I can only feel my eyes closing involuntarily. Ravi spoke as sat up, ‘kala says you like this very much. Is it true? I didn’t believe it at first until I got to see your navel in close up today.’ I could feel that he is enjoying this as much as I did at this moment. 
His other hand encircled me around my hip and softly pulled me forward, and I moved in front offering nil resistance. The hand that encircled me started caressing my hip gently along my curved hip. He whispered in a husky tone. ‘Chithra, you are exactly every bit as I had imagined’ and as he finished the sentence I could feel his fingers gripping my soft fleshy hip and he gave a good squeeze as his other hand continued its busy job on my navel. I laid my hands on his head lightly. I could feel that I am gasping audibly now. His hand moved down from my hip to butt cheeks and he started massaging me there. ‘Surprise, am I feeling a panty?’ he asked as his fingers already found the elastic of my panty and he was pushing the panty material deeper into my butt crevice. He made an appreciative ‘mmmmm’ as his hand started mauling my behind. Worse still… I loved every second of it as I stood like a statue. Quickly his hand fingering my navel parted form there to give company to the other one behind while a more interesting visitor soon occupied the coveted spot. I could sense his tongue directly digging deep into my navel aimed precisely while his teeth upper and lower rested on the area surrounding my navel. He was gently biting my soft flesh above and below my navel while his long hot tongue was furiously licking, lapping and darting in and out of navel making me squeal loudly in delight. His hands were busy now in bunching my saree and massaging my bare butt cheeks over the saree and petticoat as my panty seems to have ridden all the way up the crevice.

While I was moaning loudly gripping his hair a bit tightly, he bunched up and lifted my saree. This was in the middle of his hall with the windows open and in broad daylight. What am I letting myself into? I was thinking about stopping him further, but already, I could feel my saree being lifted above my thighs as the navel licked continued. Out of impulse I held his hands with mine as he proceeded to lift my saree further up. He paused momentarily. He stopped licking and he below air gently into my now very wet navel. This distracted me completely for a moment. That was enough for him. Instead of lifting my saree did something that I didn’t expect. His hands quickly landed at the back of my things inside the saree. It was so ‘wonderful/nice’ to let someone explore my intimate areas after so long… I sighed loudly as his hand advanced upward and sideward… and rested on the elastic band of my panties. In no time underneath the saree and petticoat, his strong fingers glibly pulled my very wet panties down to my thighs. I clung my thighs together to prevent him from pulling it down. Immediately, he freed one of his hands and moved it behind to play with my now totally naked curvy butts underneath the saree. As his hand approached lower, tracing the crevice towards my dripping wet vagina, my grip on his hair tightened and at the same time I parted my thighs wider a bit, and his other hand continued to pull my panties all the way down to my knees and he released it from there letting it circle my ankles in a freefall. The panty-puller hand joined the other in feeling up my bare butt. 

He had enough of my navel now and he got up and his lips purposefully approached mine as he brought his face close to mine whispering, ‘you’re so beautiful chithra.’ His lips entered mine with surprising gentleness as I immediately parted mine to allow his tongue to explore mine. His lips caught my lower lip as his tongue sucked my lower lip and tasted every bit of it while his lips held the grip. My tongue, not wanting to remain idle, started tasting his upper lip and ventured up to brush is moustache. He released my lower lip and darted his tongue out to meet mine and it pushed mine back all the way into my mouth, and he let me push his back as we tongue wrestled hungrily for a few seconds as our lips remained locked. All the while his hands were busy exploring my deep butt crevice and finding my sensitive anus and his fingers traced the route from there to my throbbing swollen pussy.

I hugged him and as we continued to kiss, I loosened his lungi and it dropped to the floor easily. He stood there with his erect manhood imprisoned in his tiny briefs impatient to be released. I let my hands travel all over his back. As I couldn’t resist any longer, my hands entered into his briefs to feel his tight butts. The elastic was a bit loose and so the access was easy. His brief was loose at its bottom seems too. I cupped his small, yet firm butts inside his briefs as we continued to kiss. I could feel that he released one of his hands from my back and urgently used it to loosen my saree frills. He pushed me away for a second, and in the next second his strong hands pulled my loosened saree off me and he threw it to the other corner of the room and hungrily. That moment I opened my eyes to see his face, which had Lust written all over it. Now I stood there in blouse and petticoat as he pounced back on me. His lips locked mine again as his hungry, rough hands buried at my blouse neckline and ripped it apart in one strong pull sending the hooks flying all over. With us still kissing, he tore open my blouse as I ran my fingers on his erection and felt it over his jocks and gave it a quick squeeze, impressed. His fingers undid my bra hooks in no time and my bra met the same fate as my blouse in a second. His hands rested on my melons, the next moment. 

I moaned through our kiss as his left hand grabbed my right boob and squeezed it like one would squeeze a mango while his right hand started tweaking my left nipple, which is very taut now. After a few seconds of squeezing and playing with my nipple he stopped kissing and while continuing to play with my tits he started licking my right ear, this drove me wild. He continued to tweak my nipple with one hand while caressed my naked butt over my petticoat with the other hand while gently forming circles and licking the lobes of my ear with his tongue. I moaned so loudly now, that anyone walking on the street could have heard me. ‘All this feels so wonderful’ I was thinking to myself as Ravi’s hand that was caressing my butts over the petticoat travelled upwards with silky smoothness and untied the petticoat knot as if he had rehearsed this over and over a million times. So perfect, no fuss, the cloth simply fell to the floor forming a circle over my already fallen panties around my ankles. I quickly thought with a fleeting smile, about the fuss my husband would make to undo my bra straps and fumble with the petticoat knots almost every time. That’s it. Ravi was thinking to himself. ‘Just as I thought babe, I reduced you to nothing, my precious one. This was the moment I was dreaming all long ever since I laid my eyes on your voluptuous body. To see you butt naked in broad daylight before proceeding to enjoy you.’ He gave a smug smile as he placed his hands on my hips and gently pushed me a couple of feet. Slightly confused by the break in his flow, I looked up at him opening my eyes. He bent forward and leisurely picked up my petticoat and panties and stood back looking at me, every bit of me, bit by bit, enjoying every second of this experience of seeing me naked. I became, suddenly, more than ever conscious of nakedness, as my cheeks flared and I quickly brought my hands to cover my swollen pussy looking at him with stunned expression. He was holding my clothes tightly and was crumbling it as he croaked. ‘Don’t do that Chithra, you’re every bit as I expected. You’re the most beautiful thing on this planet.’ I smiled a bit and relaxed slightly. ‘Drop your hands now, why the inhibition, now’. I dropped my hands to my sides, and let him feast on my swollen pussy. I dropped my head and my eyes automatically fell on his jocks. ‘How unfair?’ I thought as he exclaimed. ‘ Never thought you would do any maintenance there, Chithra!’ He was referring to my trimmed pussy and a new rush of shame filled in and I squirmed a bit. What I realised though, every second that I stood there, I was getting more and more excited and my climax was slowly mounting in me. It was like living through a gigantic Spell of orgasm. He seemed to have understood that or he might be going through something similar as he was in no hurry at all. 

‘Talk something chithra’ said Ravi with an amused expression. I managed it meekly, almost inaudibly, ‘When will that come off’ pointed at his jocks and retracted my hand quickly. So quickly that it caused my naked tits to jiggle. He laughed looking at that making me blush more. ‘Do you want to do that? Go on’. I smiled and approached him tentatively and put my hands on the loose elastic band of his jocks and gave it a yank. It freed his meaty and mighty manhood and the jocks seemed to have stopped midway at his muscular and strong thighs. To do the job properly (and eager to go ahead further) I dropped down on my knees and pulled the jocks slowly down the legs from his thighs all the while, my eyes riveted on his huge member. As it reached his ankles, unexpectedly, he came forward instead of backwards to step out of it and I turned my face sideways on impulse. His cock brushed my nose and his incredibly tight balls pressed against my left cheek. He smiled at me looking from below as he gave a small nudge, which pushed me off balance a bit. Instinctively I held on to my hips with my hands. He looked like a Greek god standing in all his glory. 

I slowly turned my face, still brushing his magical manhood, letting my hands freely play on his torso. ‘mm go on. Don’t hesitate’ he said smiling. Place a hand on my silky hair on my head and gently turning my head to guide. Without any further prodding, I let my tongue out and ran it along the surface from starting from the base to the tip, brought a hand forward and pushed the sort of ugly foreskin back exposing the paler (rather pinkish) tip and lapped my tongue around that making him jerk and moan. I can readily see that he enjoys it. While my hand at his back was examining his butt crevice, finding the route to his balls from behind the other hand cupped and squeezed his balls, applying varying degrees of pressure. As I continued this, I parted my lips wider and took his meat in my mouth bit by bit as it hit the back of my throat finally. He started to gyrate almost immediately; quite evident that he had never experienced this before. I moved my head in and out slowly first and then increasing the pace rhythmically, while his rest of the body when in spasms. He was cooing and yelling and making strange funny noises as I gave him a pleasure treat. My hands were busy alternative between strokes and squeezes cupping his balls and stroking his crevice. I found his cute little butt hole and applied a bit of pressure there and poked him there a bit causing him to yelp in pleasure. 

As I increased the speed of my in and out movement, he held my shoulders abruptly, signalling me to stop and with a bit of struggle freed himself. He was panting, as I looked up at him, my mouth still partly open with a smile. He pounced on me back and pushed me to the floor. Still panting he priced open my thighs wide and looked at my pussy and clucked with wide eyes. In next seconds, he buried his face deep inside me. His tongue within no time, expertly found my clit and he played with it, with his tongue, giving me the impression that he has done it so many times before. Even as I writhed in pleasure, I was thinking that he has been doing this for Kala everyday, but hasn’t been getting any back orally and smiled to myself. 

His actions became more intense as he started to finger and flick his tongue at the same time as I lay with my hips arched above the ground and moaning louder by the second. He even managed to bring his free hand forward to play with my navel and nipple. I could have been in heaven for all it takes. That was such a pleasurable few moments we were having there. I was moaning louder and he was getting indications at my building climax. He stopped then abruptly, waiting for a few seconds to let me simmer down. I was so frustrated as I eyed him sweating now. He had a glint in his eyes now as looked at me with his 2 fingers still deep inside me. While I looked below he slowly removed them and moved forward holding my knees with his hands, lifting me up so that I am at a good level above the ground from my waist, he guided his huge member into my waiting vagina. I looked at his face as he guided his tool inch by inch while my legs lay parted on his shoulders on either side. My pussy was so slippery and wet, that I thought I would probably not even feel his thing. But boy, I was wrong. I could pretty much feel his manhood occupying every mm of space touching wall to wall inside the cavity. Finally he started to rock holding me in that position, and I rocked along with him. 

I have never had a union with my husband in this position and this is so different, in the sense that I had no option but to see his face and only his, not by choice while he was in me. He started to increase the speed after a few seconds and now he’d built up a steady rhythmic in and out motion. As he continued to gyrate I locked my legs around his shoulders, which freed up his hands. While we continued to copulate, his one hand pinched and stroked my clit, while the other played with my navel. I used my own hands to tweak my nipples. We both moaned louder and screamed incoherently as our wild and crazy animal instincts were on full flare. His thrusts become faster and harder as we both clutched each other so tight and moaned so loud that we looked like a giant piece of meat soaked in sweat. As he thrusts increase in force, I screamed in pleasure feeling his boner hitting my inner walls, looking at my own sweaty legs resting on his now slippery shoulders equally sweaty and glistening. It must have been a while as I could see the sweat dripping off his chin on my belly area as he pounded me. I could feel a mounting climax unstoppable building in me. I increased my grip around his neck and let my whole body jerk in pleasure as I came out loudly for several seconds and I could feel that all my pent up emotions are erupting outside me like a volcano and it went on and on. I felt like finally I was thoroughly spent as Ravi was still pounding me. Few moments later, I could see his face r
He let his tool out just on time to squirt all his cum on my belly. I watched him, completely spent, my hair clinging to my sweaty face all over, my biddy dribbling wet in sweat. A few seconds later, he sat beside me and grabbed my petticoat lying by the side and cleaned up the mess he made on my belly as I smiled at him. Smiling at me, he caressed me all over from head to toe whispering how beautiful I am. I was gloating, as I was treated this way for ages, in fact never. 

He lifted me up and took me to the bathroom and he turned the shower on and we started showering together. It was a great feeling to let him apply soap all over me. He was thoroughly relishing the opportunity to rub me all over, squeeze and press me at will in the pretext of cleansing me. Of course, I let him play with me as much as he wanted to, because I was in seventh heaven too. My mind was comparing the shower I took in my house a couple of days back and the one I am taking with Ravi and smiled to myself. Ravi was a spectator there and a participant here. I preferred this shower of pure pleasure to that shower of utter frustration. He sported another erection as a result of all his groping and playing with me and he pushed me to the wall and lifted me up along the wall widening my thighs at the same time and entered me from that standing position. I was very impressed at how strong he is and this is a new position to me. This time it entered easily inside me. In fact it glided in smoothly. Holding my buttocks firmly he started thrusting me back and forth in and out as the water splashed on it. I held on to him by clutching his shoulders and my huge tits brushed his face as he humped me, causing him to randomly catch a nipple to suck briefly as my tits juggled uncontrollably. It was an experience I had never had before and never would forget. I sensed a quick one building inside me, as I lay with my legs clutching his ribs now, tightly. He didn’t slow down, and in fact increased the pace seeing my facial expressions. In a few seconds I howled loudly as I came out rocking in the shower for the second time that day. He continued to pound me in the same pace for several long seconds and suddenly his muscles grew stiff. He still managed to disengage from me and placed stood there to squirt his load as I stood holding his shoulders and watched his white sticky fluid getting washed away by the water from the shower as it came out. 

He gave me a large towel, obviously kala’s and I dried myself and wrapped in it to walk back into the hall where he waited, clad in his lungi for me. He took me to his living room sofa and we sat there. He kissed me on my cheek with loads of affection and I leaned on his shoulder. His hand then loosened the knot of my towel to expose my lovely large tits, despite my playful protests. He smiled, as the towel, now loosened and lowered well below my tits lay on my lap just covering my pubes. His hands now softly and gently cupped my boobs as he whispered to me caressing my tits. ‘Did you like it?’ I nodded with a shy smile. ‘We need to do this again’ I was casually listening up to that part of the sentence, but shocked, when he completed it by saying ‘with kala. Yes we need to include her too in this!’ 

I looked at him shocked with the mixed feeling of excitement and disbelief, not knowing what to expect next. Nevertheless, my mind started wondering how he is going to accomplish that. Does kala know about this already? Is she encouraging it too? Is she a part of this? These are the thoughts that were running in my head, but I was interrupted by a sudden poke in my navel. ‘What are you thinking chithra?’ ‘Are you in this with me?’ he poked me again’ brought his face forward to smile at me while his hand strolled down from my navel to move the towel away from my lap. His hand landed on my pussy lightly and as he enclosed it with his palm and gave a quick squeeze I jerked. ‘What are you thinking Chithra? Are you not going to find out how Kala reacts when I do this’ he squeezed my pussy again ‘ to her?’ I jerked again, this time lust filling in my head. ‘Kala is hyper sensitive too like you when stroked here’, and his finger stroked my pussy lips, ‘and also when I touch her here’ he poked my navel as my face turned a share redder. ‘Also, there are a couple of other secret and unexpected surprises that might be in store for you, if she is involved. She is great. For instance, do you not want to do this to her when I do this to you?’ as he spoke his fingers parted my lips and he entered me for the third time that day, although with just his fingers. He carelessly played with my clit as he asked the question. 

I nodded slowly a YES and found for the first time that I am actually quite excited thinking about the possibilities. Hurrah!!! He yelled happily, ‘but give me something to wear first.’ I said I said rather awkwardly. He was laughing still as he got up. Rather unexpectedly he yanked the towel off me leaving me to sit in naked and stepped into the bedroom muttering amidst laughter, ‘wait chithra, I shall bring something, but you are so beautiful just like the way you are now.’ Finding myself at the middle of his living room butt-naked once again, I was thinking that I sort of like being under his control. He was back and handed me kala’s nightie. He was intently watching me wear it. When I got dressed, I looked for my clothes to pick up. ‘Leave them here, its OK.’ He insisted. I walked back home, in a mix of euphoria and anxiety as its so thrilling yet so scary to realise what’s been happening. I was contemplating on how Ravi will implement this new idea in his head as I busied myself with the household chores. From that moment on, my thoughts and dream not just included Ravi, but also Kala in it. I was replaying the events that unfolded earlier that day over and over, including kala at different places doing different things. Every such new imagination turned me on some more. I was restlessly waiting for Ravi to come up with some sort of a plan.

To be continued sometime later………. (haven't really had time, nor the inclination to move on with this plot..)

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